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Foto Produk Miki Hasegawa - Internal Notebook, Buku Foto Photobook dari Unobtainium
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Miki Hasegawa - Internal Notebook, Buku Foto Photobook

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  • Kondisi: Baru
  • Berat: 1.000 Gram
  • Kategori: Buku Fotografi
  • Etalase: Buku Foto / Photobook
"Why did you undertake a project that deals with child abuse?

In Japan, we are still trapped in the myth of motherhood: once a woman gives a birth to a child, she would surely become very motherly, devote everything to her child, and become a wonderful mother. If it happens to be abusive, she would be seen as an absurd person missing maternity, someone different, and would be reported sensationally and take a fierce bashing. Yet, society would forget about it as it is someone else’s problem. After I had my daughter, I became very anxious that I would possibly abuse my own child. I didn’t feel I had motherly feelings, I couldn’t nurse my child very well either. The first thing I did when my baby kept on crying was to shut the window. I was scared that my neighbours would discover that I was not a good mother.

I came to realise that child abuse is not committed by some unusual parents. But it can happen to anyone under certain circumstances. Then, I wanted to know what exactly abuse is, what kind of difficulties abused children have to face. I wanted to hear from them directly. It was a necessary act for me, not to become an abusive mother myself."

The structure of the dummy reveals an eclectic use of notebook style and a very thorough research. The dummy deals with the emotional cries of children raised in abusive homes. The jury was impressed by the way Miki Hasegawa approached this extremely difficult subject matter. A book not easy to digest but nonetheless very significant. We found it remarkable how she tells the stories in such a respectful, delicate way.

17,8 cm x 22,8 cm x 3,2 cm

May 2019

Softcover, halfhidden spiral binding, various inserts, handbound, 500

228 pages, 88 photographs, 16 inserts, 17 folds

ISBN 9788894196078

Printed in Grafiche dell’Artiere, Italy
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Miki Hasegawa - Internal Notebook, Buku Foto Photobook

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