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Foto Produk Face it! Gift pack dari Wangsa Jelita Official
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harga sebelum diskonRp209.000



Face it! Gift pack

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diskon 35%
Harga sebelum diskon Rp209.000
  • Kondisi: Baru
  • Berat: 200 Gram
  • Kategori: Paket Perawatan Wajah
  • Etalase: Facial Oil dan Serum Wajah
To explain what Face It! really is in the simplest way: it is like a face moisturizer, except it is way better! You can rest assured that it is formulated specifically to each skin type. Now the question is, why take one if you can get three--with, uhm, a better deal?!

Because Face It! Gift Pack offers you all Face It! Facial Oil series in one box. It includes:

Face It! for Dry Skin - Facial Oil
Face It! for Oily Skin - Facial Oil
Face It! for Acne Treatment - Facial Oil

Pssst. Even better, like other gift packs we offer you, we collaborate with local artisans in producing the packaging. You read it right, the box of Face It! Gift Pack is lovingly handcrafted by our local artisans in Bandung, West Java. And we conduct fair trade practice with them as well, encouraging them to factor in their amazing skills and precious time in the cost structure they offer. That being said, by buying Face It! Gift Pack, you just contributed in the efforts of empowering local communities in the country. And for that, we thank you!
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Face it! Gift pack

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Wangsa Jelita Face It! For Acne Treatment
Wangsa Jelita Face It! For Acne Treatment
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Wangsa Jelita Official
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