Find Your Purpose

Kami di Tokopedia percaya hidup terlalu singkat untuk dihabiskan hanya untuk bekerja. Kami mencari orang-orang yang ingin berkarya untuk membawa dampak. Membangun produk-produk yang bermanfaat bagi orang banyak.

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DNA kami

Focus on Customer

Growth Mindset

Make It Happen, Make It Better!

Karakter kami

like a tree, root to the earth.

like water, flowing relentlessly.

like fire, blazing furiously.

like wind, swift and gusty.

like voyager 1, fearlessly exploring space.

Our Spirit

Di Tokopedia kami percaya bahwa berkembang menjadi manusia yang lebih baik adalah tugas tanpa akhir yang hanya dapat dicapai dengan ketulusan berbagi seperti seorang guru, dan keinginan untuk terus belajar seperti seorang murid.

Agile Culture

Agile Culture

Product development di Tokopedia mengadopsi konsep Scrum. Kami bekerja di tim-tim kecil yang terdiri dari knowledge workers yang secara berkelanjutan mendeliver produk-produk bermanfaat. We are agile!



Kami mendukung setiap Nakama yang mempunyai jiwa entrepreneurship. Tokopedia mencoba memfasilitasi ini, dimana kalian bisa mempresentasikan ide di depan seluruh Nakama. Bisa saja ide kalian bisa menjadi ekosistem baru dibawah naungan Tokopedia. Berani mencoba?

Nakama Awards

Nakama Awards

Kami selalu mengapresiasi kerja keras. Di acara yang diselenggarakan 2 kali dalam setahun ini, kami mengapresiasi setiap Nakama yang bersinar dan berkontribusi luar biasa terhadap perusahaan.


Kami di Tokopedia percaya pemimpin yang baik adalah pemimpin yang mampu menciptakan pemimpin pemimpin lainnya. Cara menciptakan nya adalah membangun lingkungan yang memberikan kesempatan dan kepercayaan.


Initiative instead of A-Z job desc

Kami memberikan kebebasan lebih kepada setiap Nakama untuk menyelesaikan masalah, karena itu kami tidak mempunyai jobdesk yang baku. Tokopedia digerakan oleh individu-individu yang selalu berinisiatif tanpa menunggu perintah.


OKR - You set your own goal

Objective and Key Results. Setiap 3 bulan, kami menulis ambisi dan target yang ingin kami capai dalam OKR. Di Tokopedia kami selalu menantang diri kami untuk melakukan pengembangan terus-menerus tanpa henti.


Constellation instead of Pyramid

Tidak ada birokrasi dan hirarki top-down di Tokopedia. Setiap individu dalam konstelasi di perusahaan mempunyai hak yang sama untuk menyuarakan pendapat dan melontarkan ide-ide kreatif. Kami menyebutnya, Nakama Management.

What Success is for Us

“There are some things success is NOT. It's not fame. It's not money or power. Success is waking up in the morning so EXCITED about what you have to do that you literally fly out the door. It's getting to WORK WITH PEOPLE you LOVE. Success is connecting with the world and making people feel. It's finding a way to bind together people who have nothing in common but a DREAM. It's falling a sleep knowing you did the BEST JOB you could. Success is joy, and freedom, and FRIENDSHIP. And success is love.”

~ Allison Burnett

Available Jobs


Software Engineer

As a software engineer, you will bring solutions that change the lives of million of users. Here at Tokopedia, you will work with a small team and can switch team or projects depending on business needs. We need people who are willing to learn and always eager to tackle exciting problems at huge scale.

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Software Engineer - iOS

Ever dreamed involved in the development of application you downloaded and enjoyed by millions of people in Indonesia? Tokopedia offers the opportunity to develop applications that are useful for many people as well as opportunities for the implementation of new technologies every day! You will contribute with the team that is excited and date to dream big. In addition, new challenges will you get every day.

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Software Engineer - Android

Ever dreamed involved in the development of application you downloaded and enjoyed by millions of people in Indonesia? Tokopedia offers the opportunity to develop applications that are useful for many people as well as opportunities for the implementation of new technologies every day! You will contribute with the team that is excited and date to dream big. In addition, new challenges will you get every day.

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Release Engineer

As a release engineer, you will work with software engineers to ensure our services and products seamlessly move from development through rollout and into production without users ever noticing a glitch in service. We need people who always eager to identify issues and improve our continuous delivery at huge scale.

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Security Analyst

As a Security Analyst you will conduct security analysis on various Tokopedia products such as web application/service, collaborate with software engineer to fix vulnerability. You are responsible for securing high-traffic website from various threat and hacking attempt.

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Data Engineer

As a data engineer, you will build tools that are critical to moving and transforming this huge data into valuable and insightful information. We need people who have critical thinking and strong attention to details.

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Test Engineer

At Tokopedia, we never stop learning and improving on everything we build. As a Test Engineer, you will use your knowledge of testing to ensure the quality and accessibility of our website and applications. Being an adventurer, you will be challenged to identify vulnerable spots, and constantly design better and creative ways to break software and identify potential problems. You will also work with the development and test engineering teams to automate testing scenarios. Join our team now and bring huge impact on the quality of Tokopedia’s growing suite of products and services!

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Technical Infrastructure

System Administrator

As a System Administrator you will responsible for managing the company’s production and test environment, including support to data center, ensure the availability of servers on production and test environment, develop/maintain process and procedure for the ongoing management of infrastructure environment and is involved in the planning, setup and configuring server products and equipment.

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Database Administrator

You will be a part of a great team who is responsible for designing, implementing, and utilizing strategic performance tuning from various database solution in Tokopedia’s environment. You will also perform day-to-day operation and maintain the system.

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Network Engineer

As a Network Engineer you will be responsible for planning, establishment, testing and deployment, monitoring, troubleshooting, maintenance of company network and its corresponding network appliances and devices. You have to ensure that the network connectivity, availability and resilience infrastructure have meet the technical parameters and aspects.

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UI Engineer/Frontend Developer

Do you love to design websites in a browser? Are CSS, HTML, and JavaScript have become your everyday main menu? If so, you are the one we’re looking for. As a Frontend Developer you’ll having fun with mockups and building interface using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Work closely with teams of Designers, Researchers, Engineers and Product Managers throughout the design process—from research, creating user flows, sketching wireframes, drawing mockups and creating prototypes.

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UX Designer

User experience is about feelings. It’s about how to make our users feeling good, happy, and satisfied when they use our products. Your job as a UX Engineer is to give a world-class experience for Tokopedia users. You have main responsibilities to conduct the user and/or evaluation research, do a lot of sketching, and create wireframes that have high usability.

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UI Designer

You will be responsible for the Visual design for multi-device.

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Graphic Designer

If you are someone who has an awesome creativity flair, imaginative, and has a great attention to detail, Then you surely belong here together with many creative co-workers and fun atmosphere. The good news is this team is not only about fun, you will also get various experiences like no other place. With your awesome skill in various design softwares, you will be working with our creative team in making graphic design needs for tokopedia. You will be responsible for making promotional items, merchandises, and many creative project for tokopedia.

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Do you have big and rich imagination? Do you love to express yourself through world of pictures and visuals? If you like making beautiful pictures and enjoy working surrounded by creative people, then this is the right opportunity for you. As an illustrator, you will be responsible for making beautiful and interesting graphics for Tokopedia visual needs. You will be involved in fun process of brainstorming with other creatives and giving birth to many eye-gasm materials. Your skill in Adobe Illustrator, Digital and Manual drawing, Adobe Photoshop, and SAI is definitely needed to catch public attention with killer illustration. Are you ready to join the team and start making awesomeness?

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Motion Graphic Designer

Are you a person who likes to make a video animation? Someone with an excited imagination, has a lot of ideas, wants to learn something new? Then you are the person we are looking for. With a basic of animation skills and software that you have, you will be responsible to make a video animation. You will not only make some ordinary video animation, you will learn to know how to put the information you need to delivered inside the video. So the viewer can understand the information that you give to them through the video you make. You will be a part of a great team who listen to any idea that you have and work with a fun office atmosphere with young people who have a soul like you. You will get involved in the creative process of making a video animation and get a new experience in process.

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Do you have a good taste to make a video? Can operate a camera and enjoying capture a beautiful moment or documentation? Then you will have a ton of fun in here. With a basic knowledge of camera equipment, you will work with an awesome team to shoot a moment with many professional equipment. Youre not only be a part of the shooting process, you will get involve in editing process as well, to make the several moment that you capture into an awesome video. In the process, you will also learn how to evolve the video you have. Together we will make an awesome video that will make the viewer feel some emotion.

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Internet Marketing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialist

As an SEO Specialist, Google and other search engines will be your friends. Gaining the maximum exposure in organic search is the main goal why SEO exists. Every update that is released by Google is a stepping stone for SEO Specialists to expand and upgrade their skill. What's more beautiful than exposing those SME (Small-Medium Enterprise) in Indonesia in order to make them grow even faster through Tokopedia? Join our team, and we will let you explore the martial-art world of SEO.

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Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Specialist

SEM Specialists are the front-liner digital warriors in Tokopedia. With planning and strategy, SEM Specialists are ready to fight on the field to gain the awareness of the society. Yes, SEM Specialists introduce the world about our awesome products, that may change people's lives. If you really want to know about the advertising in a modern way and much efficient way, join as our team. The future is here.

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Data Scientist

“Everything must be measurable.”
“You can’t manage what you don’t measure.”
As a road to be a data-driven company, Tokopedia surely need to grasp the potential value of its data. Bigger and better data give us both more panoramic and more granular views of our business environment as we glean intelligence from data and translate that into business advantages. In this role, you will be a critical part in our team on scaling and optimizing our team’s data science methods, techniques, and best practices to run on large data-sets at high speed. As a DataScientist at Tokopedia, you will work closely with engineers and marketing team to develop and execute the techniques that quantify and solve challenging business problems.

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Public Relations

Are you confident people who love to talk in front of the public? Do you have a good persuasion skill to do an interview with the media? As Public Relations, you are will have fun to build, maintain and manage the reputation of Tokopedia. You will communicate key messages of Tokopedia to its public. Tokopedia is known as a good company, please join us and take an opportunity to be a part of good company.

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Marketing Communications

Are you a passionate and creative people who love planning spectacular event? Do you have a brilliant idea to communicate about what Tokopedia is? You will be involved to create a strong message about Tokopedia. You will be a part of the team who educated people about internet industry in Indonesia. Tokopedia known as a good company, please join us and take an opportunity to be a part of good company.

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Business Merchant Development

At Tokopedia, we’re obsessed with technology, sales and business strategy, so we spend our time creating strategic partnerships and working with some of the most exciting parties and brands. We are seeking Business and Merchant Development who will be responsible for negotiating and leading high-impact strategic partnerships. These partnerships will range from unlocking significant growth and engagement, to helping Tokopedia scale as a business and to extending Tokopedia product capabilities. We are looking for a self-starter who has demonstrated success, dealing with ambiguity, successfully manage teams and problem-solving leadership with limited oversight. Join our amazing team NOW and let’s be an expert for Business and Sales.

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Human Resource

HR Recruitment Specialist

Have great communication, interviewing and analytical skills? Let’s join our ship to hire the best talents! Together, we make our big dream “Shaping Better Indonesia Through Internet” comes true! Are you the one who shares our mutual dream? Don’t miss this big chance! Drop your CV now!

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HR Generalist, Compensation & Benefits Specialist

We call our team “Nakama”. Nakama implies a much more meaningful friendship and, so deep that we consider each Nakama like our own brother and sister. As a fast-growing company, with lots of new Nakama joining the crew every month, we need someone who can help us to maintain our positive culture. As a HR staff, you will be the mediator between management and employees to make sure that each Nakama feels comfortable working in Tokopedia.

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Operational Team

Operational Customer Care Specialist

Our first DNA is “Focus on Customer.” Yes, we consider customer as the part of our big family! So, we always striving to build useful products for our dear customer. But a useful product means nothing without good service. So if you have good communication and problem solving skills, join us to give the world class service and experience for all users in Tokopedia.

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Operational Transaction Specialist

Are you a detailed person and able to build good communication with our users? Do you also possess good problem solving skills and dare to take responsibility to handle any complaints? If yes, we are waiting for you to join our team! As a Transaction Specialist, you will have an important role to process all transactions in Tokopedia’s website.

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Senior Business Development

Do you have broad connection and loves to interact with crowds? Let’s utilize your hobby by joining Tokopedia! As a Senior Business Development you will expand our connection, as well as establishing and managing strong relationship with our existing and potential clients. You can also lead or participate in developing our business directions, create business plans, and identify new business opportunities. So, are you ready to join our team?

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Senior Internal Auditor Specialist

Tokopedia is looking for an enthusiastic team player with a strong work ethics, analytical thinking and outstanding professional skills for the role of Senior Internal Auditor Specialist. As a Senior Internal Auditor Specialist, you will have responsibility in planning and monitoring internal audit for the company’s financial report. Are you a detailed person and do you meet the requirements above? If yes, then you are the one we are looking for!

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Senior Accounting & Finance

Loves to play with numbers? Having good skills in budget monitoring and controlling? Are looking for a chance to work and thrive with a rising star company? You can get them by joining Tokopedia! With well-set background, continuous learning in economics and financial regulations, as well as supported by a working environment full of passionate people; you will become a great Senior Financial Accountant, Finance and Tax personnel! What are you waiting for? Don’t miss this big chance!

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As a technology company that keeps growing, we need you to help giving advices to guide the development of our products, services, and policies. As a Legal Specialist, you have an important role in managing legal matters and developing the company’s legal functions. You will also directly involved in monitoring and prevent frauds. If you join Tokopedia, you will not only doing daily jobs, but learning lots of new things and developing yourself. How about the work environment? Don’t worry, you will be surrounded by friendly young people who posses great fighting spirit! You will feel like having a second family in Tokopedia.

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Fraud Prevention Specialist

Tokopedia takes security matter very seriously. No matter how much we wanted to trust other people, there will always be individuals who want to take advantage of that trust for their own benefit, resulting in harming our customers data or belongings. It is your job to protect Tokopedia customers! Your daily tasks are monitoring customer's activities, analyzing suspicious transactions, and preventing fraud attacks at any moment. You will be our very own detective! You are always have to be one step ahead in everything!

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Software Engineer Intern

As a software engineer, you will bring solutions that change the lives of millions of users. Here at Tokopedia, you will work with a small team and can switch team or projects depending on business needs. We need people who are willing to learn and always eager to tackle exciting problems at huge scale.

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Graphic Designer Intern

Familiar with Photoshop, Illustrator and Flash? Have a lot of creative design ideas, ready to be transformed into graphics? Yes, you’re the one we are looking for! We need you to create a strong visual identity for Tokopedia’s website. If you’re interested with this position, send your CV and portofolio now!

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Marketing Intern

We are looking for an Internship Marketing to support our marketing activities. You can take part in planning marketing strategies, events and media monitoring. If you are a final year student who is looking for work experience in a fast-growing company, you've found the right place! Yes, here, in Tokopedia.

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Customer Care Intern

We are looking for an Internship Email Team to help us handle customer’s complaints and maintain good relationship with them. If you are a friendly, patient, and possess good communication and problem analyzing skills; we will gladly embrace you to our big family!

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Content Strategist Intern

Want to try something that you never tried before? Are you looking for a place to apply and improve your knowledge and skills? Then let’s join our awesome team! As an Internship Content Marketing, you will learn how to manage and improve our website content. Interested in this position? Send your CV now and be the part of Tokopedia Nakama!

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