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Where We've Been at a GlanceWith you on our team, we can realize our vision together.
Tokopedia journey in
Tokopedia journey in 2009
2009Started as a C2C marketplace business
Tokopedia journey in 2013
20132 million items sold per month!
Tokopedia journey in 2014
2014First company in Southeast Asia to raise $100M funding from Softbank and Sequoia
Tokopedia journey in 2015
2015Pioneered instant delivery with ride-hailing companies. Launched iOS app.
Tokopedia journey in 2017
2017Raised $1.1B funding led by Alibaba Group and moved to Tokopedia Tower
Tokopedia journey in 2018
2018Best Indonesian App by Google Play User’s Choice 2018 and launched Mitra Tokopedia 
Tokopedia journey in 2019
2019Launched Smart Warehouse Fulfillment Service (Dilayani Tokopedia) and introduced Tokopedia Play
Tokopedia journey in 2020
2020The only Indonesian technology company with the fastest growth in the Asia Pacific Technology Fast 500 by Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu
Tokopedia journey in 2021
2021United with Gojek and become GoTo: a “go to” ecosystem for daily life combining e-commerce, on-demand and financial services. We also introduced Tokopedia NOW!
Tokopedia journey in 2022
2022Tokopedia’s holding company, GoTo, has been officially become a publicly listed company on the Indonesia Stock Exchange
Tokopedia journey in 2023
2023Melissa Siska Juminto serves as President of E-commerce
Tokopedia journey in
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Our Ways of WorkingOur purpose to empower progress was found through the impact we create on others. Our ways of working underlie what we do every day.
We do what's best for all of GoTo
We think like owners of GoTo. Owners are performance-driven and accountable in not just one but all aspects of the business.

We work as a OneGoTo team in strategizing and planning carefully, solving problems swiftly, communicating frequently, and prioritizing for what's best for all of GoTo.
We treat people with respect
We show this by being open to others' perspectives; transparent with opportunities and mistakes, as well as each other; and understanding of the varying needs of each individual.
We aim high, responsibly
We execute with excellence and efficiency, relentlessly pursue innovations, and deliver exceptional solutions. And we do so by adhering to the highest standards of ethics and integrity.

Why Should You
#FindYourPurpose with Us?

“What’s in it for me?” you may ask. To that, we say “Plenty!”
user loyaltyAll-embracing career development program
We believe that every Nakama should be well supported in their personal and professional journey.

At Tokopedia, Nakama are encouraged to develop themselves.
user loyaltyDiverse, cross-culture collaboration
Our team consists of thousands of Nakama with different backgrounds.

At Tokopedia, we value and embrace diversity and leverages our differences as a strength.
user loyaltyYour health and well-being comes first
We prioritize our Nakama well-being through five distinct programs: mental wellness, emotional wellness, financial wellness, physical wellness, and purpose wellness.
user loyaltyMedical coverage for you and your family
We never want any Nakama and family to fear for their health, ever.

Whether it be a medical check-up, inpatient, outpatient, or even optic care, we support Nakama every step of the way.
user loyaltyDozens of in-house clubs to keep you fit
Soccer, basketball, badminton, workout, or english clubs, you name it! We have all sorts of clubs for you to pursue your hobbies and meet other Nakama in the process.
user loyaltyNeed a leave? We have your back!
Nothing is more important than family and friends.

Our leave policy is designed so you don't have to miss out on anything in life.
user loyaltySpecial privileges from brands and partnerships
Earn new discounts, promotions, cashbacks, and rebates every week.

You can also submit your favorite brands for us to partner with to earn more discounts!
user loyaltyOffice boredom? What's that?
Apart from our existing clubs and communities at work, our 52-story home at Tokopedia Tower offers a gym, nap room, game room and more!
All-embracing career development program
We believe that every Nakama should be well supported in their personal and professional journey.

At Tokopedia, Nakama are encouraged to develop themselves.
What They Say About
Working at Tokopedia
I am entrusted with the crucial role of testing features before they reach our users. It involves more than just finding bugs; it is about ensuring that each feature is a game-changer. The true excitement comes when users start leveraging those features, witnessing the transformative impact on their business and daily lives. It's immensely gratifying to know that my meticulous work directly contributes to enhancing user experiences and making a tangible difference in their success stories.
Dian Hutasoit, Head of Engineering - Engineering Productivity
employee with testimony