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Shanling ET3 High-End Transportable CD Player

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  • Etalase: Audio Player
Lightweight and Nimble CD Digital Turntable

Based on the same design as EC3, the ET3 features a CNC-machined metal body and measures only 18.8 x 25.5 x 6.8cm. Its area is smaller than A4 paper. ET3 is designed as an open-cover CD design, it uses black and grey tempered glass for its CD cover, which is elegant and light.

Lift the Original Sound’s Veil

ET3 is a rare CD player that supports MQA-CD. It supports MQA Core unfolding and full MQA unfolding through the output port of I²S with the decoding device. ET3 also supports MQA Full Decoder to expand MQA-CD and MQA files independently. Meanwhile, as a cd turntable, ET3 supports multiple interfaces for digital output, especially for USB output! USB output up to 768kHz/32bit, DSD512. ;output up to 768kHz/32bit, DSD512; Coaxial / Optical / AES output up to PCM 192 kHz / 32bit, DSD 64.

Heart of the Lion

ET3 uses the dual-core, high-performance Ingenic X2000 chip. This chip is the first chip based on the Xburst2, which not only significantly improves computing power, but also enables low latency start-up.

Widely Compatible Interfaces and Meticulous Packaging

The ET3 has a 320*290 LCD full-view display mounted on the front. It has a simple UI design with a clear display. On the back of ET3, it is equipped with USB audio output port, digital optical output port, WIFI/Bluetooth antenna, power switch, etc. It supports multiple jacks.


Power Consumption: 15W
CD Drive: Philips SAA7824
Disc Compatibility: CD/CD-R/CD-RW
USB & I²S, Output: Up to PCM 768kHz / 32bit, DSD 512
Coaxial / Optical / AES Output: Up to PCM 192 kHz / 32bit, DSD 64
System: Ingenic X2000 Platform, Developed In-house
Screen: IPS 320 x290
Controls: Multifunctional Wheel & Hardware Buttons
MQA Support: MQA Full Decoder (PCM176.4 kHz output to all DACs) // MQA Core (PCM 88.2 kHz output to MQA capable DACs)
Weight: approx 2.5kg
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