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Foto Produk DESVIEW T2 Broadcast Teleprompter dari Focus Nusantara
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DESVIEW T2 Broadcast Teleprompter

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DESVIEW T2 Broadcast Teleprompter
Scripts Scrolling On Camera
Desview T2 teleprompter featured with standard beamsplitter allows you to clearly read scrolling text while looking directly into the camera, perfect for vlog, live broadcast, online class, video recording, interviews, video studio, news and presentation. No need to recite the script!

High Definition Display
T2 adopts Special Coating Process and beam splitter glass with up to 97% light transmittance, no effects on image quality and color of the shooting or double reflection, which gives clear prompting and decreases NG frequency. Smoother shooting! Trapezoid design for larger vision, free to move and read.

Multiple Collocation Ways
T2 teleprompter universally supports flexible tablet (below 8 inch)/smartphone prompting+ DSLR shooting. Besides, it is compatible with smartphone shooting (the lens needs to be adjusted). It supports device vertical/horizontal placement and left/right shooting.

Free Remote Control
Download free APP from Appstore or Playstore on smartphone/tablet to display the manuscript with remote controller, you could freely turn the page, pause, speed up or down, or change the text & background color.

Humanized Design
It supports shooting with wide angle lens more than 40mm, providing larger vision without vignetting. (For tablet prompting, focal length may need to be more than 50mm). Front and rear cover give double protection to the glass, dustproof, anti-scratch and anti-collision. The teleprompter only weighs 340g, lightweight and portable.

Adapter Rings Included
The package contents 9 professional lens adapter rings with 49, 52, 55, 58, 62, 67, 72, 77,82mm to match your DSLR and reduce light leak, easy and quick to assemble. Select the appropriate ring to connect teleprompter and camera lens and achieve the effects you want!
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DESVIEW T2 Broadcast Teleprompter

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