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Foto Produk OP/TECH Lens Mount Cap for SONY dari Focus Nusantara
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OP/TECH Lens Mount Cap for SONY

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  • Kondisi: Baru
  • Berat: 50 Gram
  • Kategori: Strap Kamera
  • Etalase: OPTECH
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Lens Mount Cap
Provides increased protection over traditional covers
Unique O-ring seal locks out dust and moisture
Available in single (one lens) and double versions (holds two lenses together)
Available for Canon, Leica M, Maxxum/Sony, Nikon, and Pentax lenses

Made in the USA
The Lens Mount Cap from OP/TECH USA is sure to be a hit with both amateur and pro photographers. Its no ordinary cap the benefits and versatility are sure to please. Its designed with an O-ring seal which creates a positive contact with the full perimeter of the lens mount area to really lock out dust and moisture. It also offers a tighter friction fit over traditional caps that come with the lens so that it provides better protection to the lens mount area. This ensures that the Lens Mount Cap is securely held in place while in storage or transit.

The Lens Mount Cap is available in single or double versions for several lens models. The double version is a huge space saver as it enables the photographer to safely and securely lock two lenses together. Keeping gear protected in a compact fashion really helps the active photographer organize and plan for their next photo adventure.

By using the Double Lens Mount Cap on a single lens, you can change lenses faster than ever! Remove the lens from your camera and immediately apply it to the open end of the double Lens Mount Cap. Then simply remove the other lens and put it on the camera. Less open time means your camera's delicate interior stays cleaner!

Lens Mount Cap
Made of hard plastic
Unique O-ring seal locks out dust and moisture
No need to find your size, just choose your lens brand
Made in the USA
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OP/TECH Lens Mount Cap for SONY

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