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Jam Tangan Casio Protek PRG 650Y-1 / PRG-650Y-1 ORIGINAL

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  • Kondisi: Baru
  • Berat: 500 Gram
  • Kategori: Jam Tangan Analog Pria
  • Etalase: 1. Casio
Introducing the new night safari concept models for the PRG650 line of Protrek watches. The colors and designs of this new model all were specially selected for the night time outdoor scene. The outside of the band and the face of the model is black. The design of this model is stylish and subdued, without sacrificing the readability required during night time activities. The PRG650Y model come with DURA-SOFT bands that incorporate silicon materials that improve durability. The inside of the band is luminescent, so it emits a faint glow during night activities. Function-wise, it is equipped with Neon Illuminator to provide easy reading of the time and function modes, even in the dark. Other basic functions include Triple Sensor (bearing, altitude/barometric pressure, temperature), one-touch measurement button, Tough Solar, and more. Movable lug components add to a better fit and more comfort. Everything about these models is designed and engineered to create functions and designs for night time outdoor activities
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Jam Tangan Casio Protek PRG 650Y-1 / PRG-650Y-1 ORIGINAL

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