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MyCobot Pro 320 Pi 1 Kg Payload 6 DOF Collaborative Robot Arm

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MyCobot Pro 320 Pi 1 Kg Payload 6 DOF Collaborative Robot Arm

MyCobot Pro 320 Pi is an ARM robot with 6 degrees of freedom (6 DOF) that uses a Raspberry Pi mini pc board as its main controller. This robot uses the Debian/Ubuntu operating system and already supports ROS and Roboflow for software development.

MyCobot Pro 320 Pi is very suitable for use as learning robotics, especially ARM robots for hobbyists and academic practitioners for research purposes.

In addition, this robot also works within a 320mm radius with a maximum load of 1kg, so it is very suitable for industrial use to help improve production processes.

This robot can be programmed using Python, C++, C#, and Javascript programming languages. In addition, MyCobot Pro 320 Pi can also be programmed visually using Myblockly so it is very user friendly for school children who are starting to learn visual programming.

Feature :

Using a Raspberry Pi controller that has the largest community in the world
Easy to use
Fully Support Open Source Software such as ROS/Movelt and RoboFlow
Has a Nice and Compact Design
Have 6 Degrees of Freedom
Can be programmed by script or visual

Model : MyCobot 320-Pi
Power Supply: 24V 5A
Board: Raspberry Pi 4B 64-bit 1.5GHz Quad-core
Connectivity: Bluetooth and Wireless
USB : 2x USB 3.0 and 2x USB 2.0
HDMI Ports: 2x microHDMI
IO Port : 8
Emergency Stop Button : Yes
Communication : Type-C
BUS RTU Model : Ethernet
Programming Platform : Debian/Ubuntu
ROS/Python : Built-in
Blockly Visual Programming : Built-in
Payload: 1kg
Working Range : 320mm
Repeatability : +- 0.5mm
DOF : 6
Joints Range : J1 +/- 170°, J2 +/- 160°, J3 +/- 160°, J4 +/- 160°, J5 +/- 170°, J6 +/- 175°
Operating Temperature : 0 ~ 50°C

Datasheet :
Logo 2R Hardware & Electronic
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