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Foto Produk Ozone Generator Highest model/ Ozone cluster 1400/オゾン発生器 dari Anshin
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Ozone Generator Highest model/ Ozone cluster 1400/オゾン発生器

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  • Kondisi: Baru
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  • Etalase: Ozone Generator
Product : High quality model Ozone Generator, made in Japan
Product Name: Ozone Cluster 1400
Work: Generate Ozone gas and making ozone water.
Effects: Eliminating bacteria and inactivating viruses including Covid-19
Nara Medical University
Fujita Healthy University

- Description
Ozone Generating capacity: 1,400 mg / hr
Wind pressure: 4,250L/ min
Dimension: 17.3cm x 28.0cm x 16.1cm weight:3.5kg
AC100V~220V(50Hz/60Hz) / DC12V
Power consumption: 43W
Lifetime: about 10,000 hour
Applicable area: ~150㎡ (Recommendation)

* Use in high temperature, high humidity, and a lot of dust may cause malfunction
*Maintenance is not required
Warranty period: 1 year from purchasing (will be repaired in Japan, You are responsible for the shipping fee for both way)

1. Close all windows and doors in the room. Please use it in an unattended environment
2. Power on
3. Set the ozone release time according to the size of the room.
(Example: In a room of 20 m2 and a ceiling height of 2.5 m, you can release ozone for 10 min and leave it for about 50 min to detoxify 90% to 99% of the viruses in the air)
4. After leaving, open the windows and doors of the room to ventilate.

In the car, it is recommended to release ozone for 2~5 min and leave it for 10~20min for deodorant, leave 50min for detoxify virus
If you want to know the proper ozone release time, please tell us the size of the room and the ceiling height
・Keep your face away from the ozone outlet. If you inhale ozone directly, your throat may hurt.
【Frequently Asked Questions)
・Ozone will be inhaled when you open the window. Is it okay?
→No problem. Even if some ozone is inhaled, it has no effect for human and when it is evoked, it becomes oxygen immediately
As a Japanese standard, it is safe up to 0.1ppm (8 hours working environment), more than that time or concentration is possibly bad to inhale for a long time

**khusus pembelian diluar Jabodetabek harap memilih jasa expedisi JTR

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Ozone Generator Highest model/ Ozone cluster 1400/オゾン発生器

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