UX Designer

User experience is about feelings. It’s about how to make our users feeling good, happy, and satisfied when they use our products. Your job as a UX Designer is to give a world-class experience for Tokopedia users. You have main responsibilities to conduct the user and/or evaluation research, do a lot of sketching, and create wireframes that have high usability.


  • Have a passion to get into people’s head and find out useful insights.
  • Conduct in person user test to observe one's behaviour and extract the essence of one's thought into wireframe and better flow
  • Iterate task with UX designer and able to communicate the scenarios, screen design, customer journeys and wire frames.


  • Ability to develop high and/or low fidelity wireframes.
  • Able to create storyboards, mockups and prototypes to effectively communicate interaction and design ideas
  • Able to do research market data and doing A/B Testing
  • Able to communicate the ideas to designer and engineer
  • Great communication skill
  • Able to stay updated with interaction design and new online technology trends
  • Work within brand guidelines and passionately apply creative excellence to unify the designs across digital assets

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