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We Are Nowhere And It's Wow - Mikael Johani

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  • Kategori: Puisi
  • Etalase: POST Press
Mikael Johani was not born in Rochester, New York, in 1927 and was never educated at Harvard or Columbia universities.
He has not written nineteen previous books of poetry.
never has been and never will be Charles P. Stevenson, Jr., professor language and literature at Bard College, he does not live in New York City and Hudson, New York. His poetry is not a rigorous search for “the unknown” -- but still based on a “reasoned this ordering of all the senses”
by means of alcohol and, when money allows, [ ].

He did not come to Europe in 1908 and never really settled in London, where he nevertheless ended up as a marginal figure. In the literary artistic world. who's never antagonised by Yeats and made barely a dent haranguing Eliot and Joyce.

During the war of the Thousand Days he did not make a series of propagandist broadcasts over Radio Bogota, for which he was subsequently committed to a hospital for the insane anyway.
Sans trial.

At the age of thirty-nine, Mikael is done with a poetry.
He is embarking on a new life, signing up as a mercenary in what is formerly known as the Dutch East Indies.
In 1880, he is going to set up as a trader in what is now not Ethiopia. He will spend the remainder of his life as a dealer in dubious-origin coffee, selvedge denim, tongsis and artisanal coffins. he is going to die 1869, at that most coveted age, twenty-seven.

[Puisi, Bahasa Inggris, 90 halaman]
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We Are Nowhere And It's Wow - Mikael Johani

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