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Treasure X Aliens - Glow in The Dark Dissect The Alien

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rating 5 (1 ulasan)
  • Kondisi: Baru
  • Berat: 500 Gram
  • Kategori: Action Figure
  • Etalase: Treasure X

Tersedia 3 varian :
- Hijau
- Biru
- Merah

Go on an intergalactic treasure quest with Treasure X – Aliens – Glow In The Dark! There are 12 new Alien Hunters to find! Inside the Intergalactic Chamber, 3 new species of Alien are waiting to be dissected and collected! You have your Mission objective, and your mission is to dissect the Aliens, find and save the Hunters and collect their Treasure! Release the Alien from his Cryo chamber and begin. Dissect the Alien's belly to save the Alien Hunter who's trapped inside! Look out for the Alien rib cage, and gut the critter to find the "Glow In The Dark" ooze! Inside each Alien body you can also find the Hunter's weapon and a Treasure. You might find the rare Space Gem! These Gems are known as Peridot, some of which have been found in real life meteorites. Your Peridot Gem could actually be from Outer Space!! You can store your ooze in the container provided or squish it in the Alien's head and watch it squish from their eyes, nose and mouth! With great and gory dissection to perform, the chance to find a real Outer Space Gem, and a new galaxy of 12 Hunter Action Figures to save, the Treasure X Aliens Single Pack is the ultimate boy's galactic adventure play experience.
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min. Pembelian 30rb

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Treasure X Aliens - Glow in The Dark Dissect The Alien

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