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2021 Ends Soon, Tokopedia Parents Share 5 Family and Child Friendly 2022 Resolution Ideas


2021 Ends Soon, Tokopedia Parents Share 5 Family and Child Friendly 2022 Resolution Ideas

Indonesia, 1 Desember 2021 - The presence of Tokopedia Parents and various derivative campaigns continues to gain high enthusiasm from the public in meeting the daily needs of families and children, especially throughout 2021.

"For example, in the Tokopedia Mother and Baby Fair campaign in July 2021, there was a nearly 3x increase in transactions compared to the previous campaign in December 2020," said Category Development (Mom & Baby) Tokopedia's Senior Lead, Ditra Putra Komala.

Towards the end of 2021, Tokopedia through Tokopedia Parents also shared 5 family and child-friendly 2022 resolution ideas:

  1. Manage Finances by Investing - Do a financial evaluation to find out what needs to be done to achieve financial goals in the following year. For example, managing a budget carefully to choose the right investment.
    “At Tokopedia Emas and Mutual Funds, anyone can start investing very easily starting from Rp. 5,000 and Rp. 10,000. Even through the Gold Rounding feature on Tokopedia, people can also save gold while shopping," said Ditra.
  2. Maintain Family Physical Health - Regular exercise is one way to maintain family health. Complete sports equipment that can be done at home, or just a toy ball so that your little one can participate in activities.
    The public can find various choices of sports equipment from local business activists, including MSMEs through the Sportacular campaign.
  3. Increase Quality Time for Children - The role of parents in supporting children's growth and development through games is very important, especially during a pandemic. Letter in Pine Toys is one of Semarang's MSMEs that produces environmentally friendly children's toys.
    “All of our wooden toys are made with food grade paint and are SNI certified. We are also trying to improve the community's economy by empowering dozens of craftsmen," said Letter in Pine Toys Business Owner Adhiprana Waraputra.
  4. Healthy Food Consumption - Healthy MPASI snacks are one of the best-selling products in Tokopedia Parents during the third quarter of 2021. There are now more and more local MSMEs at Tokopedia Parents who produce healthy complimentary snacks for children.
    One of them is Nayz, which provides a large selection of organic snacks and complementary foods. "All food is halal certified, officially lab tested and based on organic ingredients from local farmers," said Nayz Owner, Lutfiel Hakim.
  5. Spend More Efficiently with Promos - In addition to solid food snacks, wet wipes, baby cream, diapers and baby cotton are also the best-selling products at Tokopedia Parents lately. To make shopping for children and family needs more efficient, the public can visit the Tokopedia Parents Fair on December 2-12 2021, which involves a number of local MSMEs.
    "There are various attractive offers towards the end of the year that can be obtained through the Tokopedia Parents Fair, ranging from flash sales of up to 90% every day, cashback of up to Rp. 300 thousand, giveaways, and various special releases from local business activists," concluded Ditra.


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