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A Look Back at Tokopedia Shopping Trends in 2022

06 February 2023


A Look Back at Tokopedia Shopping Trends in 2022

Tokopedia also introduced a series of innovations throughout the year aimed at fulfilling the needs of Indonesian consumers

Jakarta, 9 January 2023 – Throughout 2022, Indonesians’ enthusiasm in using the online shopping app to fulfill various necessities remained high. “The most popular categories are Home and Living, Food and Beverage, Health, Electronics and Fashion. The farthest delivery recorded last year was for Gayo Coffee products from Lhokseumawe to Jayapura,” revealed Head of External Communications Tokopedia, Ekhel Chandra Wijaya.

Online Shopping Trends on Tokopedia*

To encourage the growth of more MSMEs as well as help consumers fulfill their needs through online platform, Tokopedia continued to intensify its Hyperlocal initiative programs that leverage geo-tagging technology, such as Dilayani Tokopedia and Tokopedia NOW!.

Tokopedia saw a 2.5-fold increase in transactions made through fulfillment service Dilayani Tokopedia. Some of the most popular products transacted through Dilayani Tokopedia include children’s diapers, groceries and detergents. “We also observed that sellers who use the Dilayani Tokopedia order fulfillment service experienced a more than five-fold spike in sales,” Ekhel said.

Meanwhile on Tokopedia NOW! (a delivery service for daily necessities within a maximum of 2 hours), rice, chicken eggs, instant noodles and bread are the most selling and sought-after products. “The number of users in Tokopedia NOW! increased more than 10 times,” continued Ekhel.

People also continue to use Tokopedia products and services to satisfy a range of additional needs, one of which is tax payment. Throughout 2022, the most frequently paid forms of taxes on Tokopedia were State Revenue, Land and Building Tax and E-Samsat (One Stop Integrated Administration System of Motor Vehicles).

“On the other hand, food voucher sales via Tokopedia increased 6.5 times. Additionally, event ticket sales soared by more than 15 times,” Ekhel remarked.

Tokopedia Introduces Significant Innovations to Indonesian Society

Tokopedia recently introduced Tokopedia Play, a video streaming platform that caters to the needs of the social-commerce era, in which users tend to seek inspiration while shopping or vice versa. “In 2022, live shopping transactions on Tokopedia Play had increased by 2.5 times,” Ekhel explained.

There is also Tokopedia Affiliate, which allows anyone to gain commissions by recommending products or stores on Tokopedia through social media, as well as to provide added value to the marketing strategies of local businesses. Tokopedia revealed that the number of Tokopedia Affiliate users has increased by more than 11 times.

To further enhance the user experience when using the online shopping app, Tokopedia has implemented a Dark Mode feature that makes the application display more comfortable when used in low-light conditions. Tokopedia has also launched the Shared Shopping feature to make it easier for iOS users to shop together with their family or relatives.

Furthermore, Tokopedia has partnered with Bank BRI to launch the Tokopedia Card credit card service in June 2022. Then, in August 2022, Tokopedia introduced the PLUS by GoTo subscription.


*Tokopedia internal data from 1 January to 10 December 2021 compared to 1 January to 10 December 2022

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Tokopedia, an Indonesian technology company, has a mission to achieve digital economic equality. Tokopedia’s vision is to build a Super Ecosystem where anyone can start and find anything. Today, Tokopedia empowers millions of sellers and users through marketplaces and digital products, fintech and payment, logistics and fulfillment, as well as Tokopedia Partners. Tokopedia is part of the GoTo group, the largest digital ecosystem in Indonesia that includes Gojek, Tokopedia, and GoTo Financial.

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