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After Go-Online on Tokopedia, Orders at West Java Traditional Markets Increases >4 Times

01 April 2021
After Go-Online on Tokopedia, Orders at West Java Traditional Markets Increases >4 Times

Jakarta, March 15, 2021 – Tokopedia continues to prioritize its hyperlocal initiatives in various cities in Indonesia to help business owners, including traditional markets in West Java, increase their competitiveness in order to thrive in their own country through the use of technology.

Head of Regional Growth Expansion (RGX) Tokopedia, Trian Nugroho, said, “Digitalization of traditional markets is one of Tokopedia’s hyperlocal initiatives. Cikurubuk Market and Sabilulungan Cicalengka Market are examples of traditional markets that have felt the positive impact of market digitization through Tokopedia in West Java. “

Cikurubuk Market, The First Digital Market Icon in Tasikmalaya City

The City Government of Tasikmalaya was the first local government to digitize traditional markets through Tokopedia in April 2020. The Cikurubuk Market Trader Marketing Union (KP3C) was also involved to introduce this new concept to the local community.

“Cikurubuk Online Market has supported more than 100 local traders who have been affected by the pandemic. Since joining Tokopedia, slowly the number of orders at Cikurubuk Online Market has started to increase more than 4x compared to the previous one,” said the Chairman of the Tasikmalaya City Traders Association (HIPPATAS), H. Achmad Jahid, S.H.

Apart from ensuring the quality of products offered by all sellers, market union are also actively using various features on Tokopedia, from TopAds and Free Shipping to participating in campaigns held by Tokopedia, such as Karnaval Pengguna Baru.

Digitalization of the Sabilulungan Cicalengka Healthy Market Promotes Merchant Economy

Apart from Cikurubuk Market, Sabilulungan Cicalengka Healthy Market is also one of the traditional markets that continues to drive the regional economy in the midst of a pandemic through digitization in collaboration with Tokopedia.

The Assistant Manager of the Raja Cicalengka Market Trader Consumer Union, Ridzky Alfaridzi, said, “The presence of digital platforms such as Tokopedia is a solution for traders to come back together against the pandemic by marketing products online.”

With intensive socialization, now there are more than 100 traders at the Sabilulungan Cicalengka Online Healthy Market. “During the first quarter of 2021, the Sabilulungan Cicalengka Healthy Market has recorded an increase in the number of orders by more than 2x,” added Ridzky.

Tokopedia through Trian said, “We will continue to strive to accelerate the adoption of digital platforms for as many traditional markets as possible in order to help national economic recovery.”


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