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Ahead of 277th Anniversary, Solo Enjoys Fivefold Rise in MSME Sales through Tokopedia

31 March 2022
Ahead of 277th Anniversary, Solo Enjoys Fivefold Rise  in MSME Sales through Tokopedia

Solo, February 16, 2022 – In celebration of the 277th anniversary of the City of Solo on February 17, Tokopedia, along with the city government and other strategic partners, are further intensifying the Hyperlocal initiative to help MSMEs improve their business competitiveness by utilizing technology.

"During the fourth quarter of 2021, Solo-based MSMEs who joined Tokopedia’s Kumpulan Toko Pilihan (KTP) Solo – a derivative of the Hyperlocal initiative – enjoyed a more than fivefold increase in transactions compared to those who did not participate in the campaign,” revealed Astri Wahyuni, Director of Public Policy and Government Relations at Tokopedia.

The KTP campaign has also contributed to the growth of online shopping trends. “For example, Household, Health, Fashion, Electronics, and Food & Beverages are among Tokopedia’s top-selling categories in Solo in 2021,” he said.

Solo Mayor Gibran Rakabuming Raka, said, “We appreciate Tokopedia's ongoing efforts to support the Solo City Government in encouraging MSMEs to take advantage of digital platforms. MSMEs need to move forward and gain the tech expertise needed to make their businesses more competitive. Hopefully, this will encourage communities to support MSME products and help our country recover economically."

To further develop the business acumen of Solo-based MSMEs, Tokopedia regularly hosts the Kelas Maju Digital every month. MSMEs can receive support and guidance from each other on a variety of topics related to business development and entrepreneurial competence.

Kangensolo is an example of an MSME in Solo that has been positively impacted after participating in various derivatives of the Tokopedia Hyperlocal initiative.

Kangensolo, Satisfying Your Solo Culinary Cravings

Finding herself craving for her hometown Solo’s culinary specialties, Cyntia Andika Amartam decided to establish Kangensolo and joined Tokopedia in early 2020. Since then, she has started selling various traditional snacks that are unique to the city.

“Since the pandemic, there have been many home-based MSMEs that produce a variety of snacks that can be found in Solo, such as ampyang (peanut sugar), geti wijen (sesame cake), and intip (rice crust). I started collaborating with these MSMEs in hopes of empowering them as well,” she revealed.

Currently, Kangensolo's sales through Tokopedia can reach up to tens of millions of rupiah each month. And despite the pandemic, the traditional Solo snacks made by the local producers who work with Cyntia can now be shipped across Indonesia.

In addition to helping accelerate the growth of MSMEs in Solo, Tokopedia has also partnered with the Solo City Government on state taxation, particularly in providing online PBB payment services. "Tokopedia noted that PBB Online transactions in Solo almost doubled during 2021 compared to 2020," concluded Astri.


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