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Face-to-face Learning is Back, Tokopedia Parents Share Tips To Help Children Adapt

15 March 2022
Face-to-face Learning is Back, Tokopedia Parents Share Tips To Help Children Adapt

Jakarta, 18 October 2021 - The government has determined a limited Face-to-Face Learning (PTM) policy. This requires parents to retrain their children to socialize directly with their surroundings after more than a year of activities from home.

Rizki Widyastuti, Strategic Initiatives Senior Lead Mom Baby & Home Living Category Tokopedia said, "To help parents adapt to conditions that continue to change in the midst of a pandemic, Tokopedia through the Tokopedia Parents ecosystem provides a One-Stop Shopping Experience for various daily needs. families, including children, easily, safely and affordably without having to leave the house.”

“On the other hand, parents can get a number of other added values through the @TokopediaParents channel which provides various parenting information and tips. Webinars, talk shows and discussion forums are also available for the parent community to share information and experiences with a number of inspirational speakers,” added Rizki.

Tokopedia Parents through Rizki also shared parenting tips to help children adapt easily when socializing at school and in their daily environment.

1. Do Role Play - Children will encounter many new situations in their life. Role playing with parents or with toys that they have can help the child's socialization process later, for example with parents being teachers or playing with friends of their age.

2. Emotion Validation - Don't hesitate to validate any emotion your child is showing. One of them can be done by saying that parents also really understand the emotions that are being felt by their children. This is intended so that children do not feel alone when facing new situations.

According to Child Psychologist, Fathya Artha Utami, “For that, parents need to accompany their children in managing emotions with the FALRD method: Face it calmly, Assume all feelings are important, Listen without being distracted, Remember to help name the child's emotions and Discuss options, boundaries and problem solutions,” she said.

3. Don't Label Children as Shy - Trust your child, and give your child space and time to observe the environment before they socialize with other people.

4. Give Instructions - Your child may be confused about new situations, but that's normal. Parents can give their children enough understanding and instructions to help them adapt.

5. Arrive Early - By arriving early, Mom and Dad give the child time to make observations in advance of his new environment. It can also help children to learn discipline with time.

“Preparing all school needs early can also help children's readiness. Tokopedia also noted that sales of School Uniforms, Boys' Shoes, and Children's Traditional Clothing were some of the most sought-after products in the Mother and Baby category in the third quarter of 2021," said Rizki.


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