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Flashback: 2021 Online Shopping Trends on Tokopedia

15 March 2022
Flashback: 2021 Online Shopping Trends on Tokopedia

Indonesia, 5 January 2022 — Technology platforms are increasingly becoming the mainstay for many Indonesians to fulfill their daily needs and even create business opportunities. Tokopedia shares various online shopping trend highlights throughout 2021.

  1. Cities with Highest Sales - “Medan, Bandung and Surabaya are some examples of cities with the highest sales in Tokopedia. This is driven by the presence of Hyperlocal initiatives, such as digitalization of traditional markets, Kumpulan Toko Pilihan (KTP) and others,” said VP of Corporate Affairs Tokopedia, Nuraini Razak.

“Tokopedia’s Hyperlocal initiative - which consists of various derivative campaigns and is personalized based on each region’s needs - is aimed at bringing buyers closer to local sellers so that online shopping can be more efficient and MSMEs throughout Indonesia can have the same opportunity to grow,” added Nuraini.

Verne Indonesia, an MSME leather craftsmen from Surabaya which uses Tokopedia as its backbone, recorded an almost 2x increase in the number of transactions compared to the previous year.

2. Favorite Categories - Home and Living, Fashion as well as Sports and Hobbies categories are among the best selling categories on Tokopedia. Various campaigns launched by Tokopedia have encouraged the rise of each of these categories, such as Home Living SALEbrations, Festival Fashion Lokal Jawa Barat or Tokopedia Fashion Week, Sportacular and others.

3. Most Wanted Products - “Masks, t-shirts and sneakers are the most popular products at Tokopedia in 2021,” said Nuraini. According to Nuraini, the soaring sales of sneakers were driven by various initiatives carried out by Tokopedia with local fashion industry MSMEs, for example the Bersebelas #MelangkahBareng movement.

4. Best Selling Food and Beverage - “Having coffee and snacks at home remain as popular activities during 2021. This can be seen from gayo coffee and fried bananas sales, which became the most popular foods in Tokopedia Nyam throughout last year,” added Nuraini.

This campaign has helped people in various cities, ranging from Greater Jakarta, Bandung, Semarang, Solo, Surabaya, Medan, Makassar and many others, to get food and beverage without having to leave their homes.

5. Spectacular Enthusiasm to Donate - Although the pandemic has yet to subside, Indonesian’s enthusiasm for sharing goodwill is still very high. Throughout 2021, all communities have collected more than Rp160 billion through Tokopedia’s Donation, Zakat and Qurban features.


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