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Flashback: Online Shopping Trends 2020 on Tokopedia


Flashback: Online Shopping Trends 2020 on Tokopedia

Indonesia, 7 January 2021 — During the COVID-19 pandemic, online shopping remains as an alternative for Indonesians to help reduce the risk of virus spread in crowded places. Tokopedia announces various interesting findings related to the online shopping behavior of Indonesians throughout 2020.

VP of Corporate Communications Tokopedia, Nuraini Razak, said, “In facing the pandemic and a series of challenges that follow, Tokopedia strives to help people in adapting to these changes through a number of collaborations with its strategic partners. For example, through #JagaEkonomiIndonesia (Protect the Indonesian Economy), Waktu Indonesia Belanja or WIB (Indonesia Shopping Time) and many others.”

Online Shopping Trends 2020
  1. Highest Number of Orders and Products Purchased – Tokopedia has helped many people in fulfilling their daily needs. For example, one Tokopedia user has transacted up to 19,000 times. On the other hand, the most purchased products in one order were 32,500 batteries (for clocks and calculators).
  2. The Farthest Transactions and Increased Inter-island Transactions – The impact of the democratization of commerce through technology has been further experienced in various parts of Indonesia. The most distant transaction on Tokopedia in 2020 was from Banda Aceh to Merauke. Inter-island transactions also increased by more than twofold compared to that in 2019.
  3. Total Distance of Delivered Packages – In 2020, Tokopedia and its logistics partners consistently delivered packages to various regions, of which the whole trip could cover more than 46 billion kilometers. Even today, about 2 out of 3 orders on Tokopedia would arrive at the recipient’s address on the same day or the next day.
  4. Best Selling Food Product – Tokopedia’s Campaign Nyam! has made it easier for people to obtain food and beverage products without leaving the house. The three best-selling products in Terbukti  Nyam! programs are honey, coffee, and frozen food.
  5. Sales of Health Products Soar – Many sellers in Tokopedia made the efforts to provide more health products that are in demand in 2020. The total masks sold reached more than 5 times the total population of Java island, while the number of hand sanitizers sold reached 4 times the total population of Bali.
  6. Increase in Number of New Sellers – The number of new sellers who have joined Tokopedia in 2020 can fill the Gelora Bung Karno Stadium by 36 times. Currently, Tokopedia is home to more than 9,9 million sellers, of which almost 100% are MSMEs and even 94% are ultra-micro scale.
  7. Sharing Kindness in the Pandemic – The pandemic has encouraged more people to share kindness with others. Throughout 2020, Indonesians have collected almost Rp80 billion through Donation, Zakat, and Qurban features on Tokopedia.

“Tokopedia strives to maintain its commitment of #SelaluAdaSelaluBisa (#AlwaysPresentAlwaysAble) in helping people adapt to the changing era through technology, especially during the pandemic. We will consistently collaborate with our strategic partners to create the best innovations that can make people’s lives easier,” Nuraini concluded. 


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Tokopedia, as an Indonesian technology company, has a mission to democratize commerce through technology. Tokopedia’s vision is to build a Super Ecosystem where anyone can start and discover anything. To this day, Tokopedia has empowered millions of merchants and users across the marketplace and digital goods, financial technology and payment, logistics and fulfillment, including Mitra Tokopedia.

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