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Highlights Hyperlocal, Tokopedia Pushes Local Central Java MSMEs to be More Independent

15 April 2021
Highlights Hyperlocal, Tokopedia Pushes Local Central Java MSMEs to be More Independent

Central Java, 15 April 2021 – The pandemic encourages people to adapt through the use of technology, both in meeting daily needs and creating opportunities.

This is evident from the LPEM FEB UI survey which states that in 2020, 7 out of 10 sellers in Tokopedia experienced an increase in sales volume with a median of 133%.

“68.6% of sellers who joined Tokopedia during the pandemic were the sole breadwinners in the family. 76.4% of sellers said that the ease of managing a business was the main reason for joining Tokopedia,” said External Communications Senior Lead Tokopedia, Ekhel Chandra Wijaya.

Tokopedia’s internal data, on the other hand, reveals significant growth in the number of sellers, from the pre-pandemic number of 7.2 million to more than 10 million today. Tokopedia’s monthly active users also increased from more than 90 million to more than 100 million.

Tokopedia Introduces Hyperlocal Initiative

Tokopedia has been supporting sellers in Indonesia, especially local MSMEs, through hyperlocal initiatives to realize the mission of democratization of commerce in Indonesia through technology.

In practice, in addition to providing intensive assistance for MSMEs in various cities, Tokopedia also collaborates with local governments to digitalize traditional markets.

Head of Regional Growth Expansion (RGX) Tokopedia, Trian Nugroho, said, “Technology platforms such as Tokopedia is a solution for local MSME activists to maintain their business operations in during pandemic while simultaneously contributing to the regional economy.”

“Through collaboration with local governments throughout Q4 2020, Tokopedia has partnered with new sellers, both individuals and traditional markets in various cities, such as Semarang, Medan, Palembang, Bandung, Surabaya, Malang and Makassar,” added Trian.

Tokopedia also provides a Kumpulan Toko Pilihan (KTP) campaign. In practice, local MSMEs in Semarang can get assistance in starting and developing online business, as well as being featured on a special page on Tokopedia.

There is also TokoMart which uses geo-tagging technology to make it easier for people to get daily necessities from the nearest seller. This innovation is already available in Jabodetabek and Bandung and will soon be available in Semarang.

Tokopedia Reveals Central Java People’s Shopping Trends during Q1 2021

Household, Health and Personal Care and Electronics categories are the top three categories in Tokopedia, especially in Central Java, during Q1 2021.

“In Central Java, the Electronics category, for example, increased almost 2x compared to the same period in the previous year. Meanwhile, the Household and Health and Body Care categories each increased more than 2x times,” said Trian.

Transactions in the Food and Beverage category also jumped almost 3x. This spike was also experienced by the Bonafide Bandeng Semarang, a local Semarang business created by Hary Purwita and his wife in 1995.

Hary said the pandemic caused his offline sales to drop dramatically. “By utilizing digital platforms such as Tokopedia during the pandemic, our transactions was able to increase by almost 7x during Q1 2021 compared to the same period in the previous year,” he concluded.


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Tokopedia, as an Indonesian technology company, has a mission to democratize commerce through technology. Tokopedia’s vision is to build a Super Ecosystem where anyone can start and discover anything. To this day, Tokopedia has empowered millions of merchants and users across the marketplace and digital goods, financial technology and payment, logistics and fulfillment, including Mitra Tokopedia.

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