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Online Business Ideas: These Are the Most Sought-After Product Categories on Tokopedia!

11 September 2023


Online Business Ideas: These Are the Most Sought-After Product Categories on Tokopedia!

Fashion, Sports and Hobbies, and Electronics are the most searched product categories on Tokopedia. Also, check out Tokopedia's innovations to make the shopping experience even more seamless!

Jakarta, 29 August 2023 - A report shows that around 80% of digital consumers will maintain and even increase their use of digital services in 2023.* In line with this, Tokopedia's internal data recorded several product categories most searched by the public on Tokopedia throughout the first half of 2023.

Tokopedia's Corporate Affairs Lead, Antonia Adega, said, "During the first semester of 2023, Fashion, Sports and Hobbies, and Electronics are some of the most sought-after product categories on Tokopedia. This search trend could be a promising online business idea for entrepreneurs in Indonesia, including MSMEs, who want to start their business on Tokopedia."

“Tokopedia can be accessed in 99% of sub-districts in Indonesia. This figure shows the large market potential that entrepreneurs can target. "As an Indonesian technology company, Tokopedia continuously strives to digitalize as many MSMEs as possible so that more MSMEs can experience the ease and benefit from selling things online," explained Antonia.

Online business ideas for MSMEs, check out the trends of the most searched product categories on Tokopedia

To digitalize more MSMEs, Tokopedia is carrying out various educational efforts. One of them is through the Pusat Edukasi Seller. In addition, Tokopedia, through Antonia, also shared interesting findings related to people's search trends on Tokopedia throughout the first semester of 2023.

1. Fashion - According to the Ministry of Industry of the Republic of Indonesia, in 2023, the creative economy will contribute 7.8% to the national economy, where one of the largest contributions comes from the creative industry in the fashion and crafts subsector.**

On Tokopedia, public interest in various fashion products, including those from local brands, is increasing. MSMEs can take this promising business opportunity as an online business idea. Tokopedia notes that sneakers, tops such as t-shirts, shirts, jackets, and analog watches are some of the most sought-after fashion products in the first semester of 2023.

"Sellers can also use the Bundling Product feature to combine several products in one package at a more affordable price, to encourage buyers to shop more. "Tokopedia’s Machine learning technology can also recommend which products are suitable to be combined with the Bundling Product feature," said Antonia.

2. Sports and Hobbies - Apart from fashion products, throughout the first semester of 2023, the public has sought various bicycle spare parts products. Hobby products are also increasingly popular with the public. This is proven by hobby products, such as action figures, diecast cars, trading card games, and mecha models, which are the most sought after by the public in the Sports and Hobbies category on Tokopedia.

Sellers in Indonesia, including local MSMEs, can join the Tokopedia Sportacular Shopathon campaign to get more exposure to their sports products. To help sellers have a broader platform for selling products related to hobbies, Tokopedia has the Tokopedia Funstation campaign.

3. Electronics - Mobile devices that make it easier for people to communicate and access information from various places are some of the most popular products on Tokopedia. Android, iOS smartphones, laptops, and supporting accessories are some of the products most sought after by the public on Tokopedia in the first semester of 2023.

"Businesses of all scales can take advantage of various promotional channels offered by Tokopedia Marketing Solutions, for example, the TopAds advertising feature. "With TopAds starting from IDR 250, products can appear at the top of the search page," explained Antonia.

Machine learning technology in the Tokopedia Search feature makes it easier for people to find relevant products

To make it easier for people to get the best online shopping experience while helping to increase the competitiveness of businesses, Tokopedia has a Search feature on the Tokopedia application, which is supported by machine learning technology.

"Machine learning - part of artificial intelligence or AI - is always carried out in every Tokopedia initiative, one of which is to help people find shops and products relevant to their needs," said Hefrian Syah, Tokopedia Senior Lead Product Manager.

Tokopedia also has a Widget Filter that makes the search experience easier within the app. More specifically, buyers can search for products based on various criteria, ranging from type, price, location, and delivery duration to product color. "For example, buyers who are looking for shirts can decide the size of the clothes they want to appear on the search page, so buyers don't have to ask for shirt size availability at each store," said Hefrian.

This feature also makes the seller's store or product easier to find by potential buyers. For example, the seller's product closest to the buyer's area will be displayed in the top column of the buyer in question.

On the other hand, through the Product Carousel display innovation, buyers can easily see recommended products on Tokopedia according to the product category and specified criteria. Some of these criteria are sellers in locations closest to buyers, products with attractive promos, and selected stores that sell similar products.

“The Product Carousel feature can assist sellers in boosting engagement with potential buyers and enticing them to become loyal customers. This is because if a buyer has previously made purchases from a seller's shop, Tokopedia will suggest the seller's shop to them when searching for products to buy again,” said Hefrian.

Photo: Product Carousel innovation helps sellers increase store engagement.

"The pandemic affected the increase in the number of new businesses on Tokopedia. This is evident from the increase in the number of sellers on Tokopedia by almost seven million in 2023 compared to 2020. Seeing this, we will continue to develop features that can make it easier for sellers to market products and provide access to buyers in all regions in Indonesia to get relevant products that suit their needs," concluded Hefrian.


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