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Tokopedia and Local Shoe Businesses Launch ‘Bersebelah #MelangkahBareng’ Movement

22 March 2021
Tokopedia and Local Shoe Businesses Launch  ‘Bersebelah #MelangkahBareng’ Movement

Jakarta, 12 March 2021 – Tokopedia is collaborating with local businesses in the fashion industry, especially shoe brands such as Never Too Lavish (NTL) together with 10 other local businesses, to launch a movement named ‘Bersebelas #MelangkahBareng’ (Eleven #StepsForward).

Senior Fashion Lead Tokopedia, Aldhy Darmayo, stated, “This joint effort is aimed at supporting local shoe MSMEs activists in maintaining business and jobs in the midst of a pandemic while at the same time encouraging more people to use local-made products.”

This collaboration is also motivated by the enthusiasm of Indonesians in purchasing fashion products online. Aldhy added, “There was an increase in transactions in the Fashion category at Tokopedia, which almost doubled during December 2020 when compared to the initial pandemic period in 2020. Transactions for shoe products also increased almost 2x.”

Founder of NTL, Bernhard Suryaningrat or whose nickname is Abeng, said, “This ‘Eleven #StepsForward movement is a form of support for fellow artists and local industry players in rising together. By utilizing digital platforms such as Tokopedia, we hope the local shoe industry can continuously advance even in the midst of a pandemic.”

In this campaign, Tokopedia and NTL collaborated with 10 other local shoe brands, namely Patrobas, Pijakbumi, Fuse Concept, Nokha, Seji, Exodos, Ortuseight, FYC, Rafheoo and Brodo. “Each month, we will release a collaborative product entitled ‘Eleven Series’ which the public can get exclusively on Tokopedia,” added Abeng.

Content Creator and Shoe Enthusiast, Denis Juherman, appreciates this collaboration. “During the pandemic, more and more local shoe brands offered a variety of products with creativity and quality that can compete with foreign products. Hopefully, through this collaboration, more Indonesian people will be aware and use Indonesian products.”

Tokopedia also recorded high appreciation towards local shoes. It can be seen from the increase in transactions of one of the local business activists, Nokha, which reached almost 2.5 times. Even Brodo, another example of a local business activist, recorded an almost 5.5x increase in transactions.

Tokopedia, through Aldhy, on the other hand, hopes that more parties will collaborate more arduously in helping businesses in Indonesia, especially MSMEs, continue to contribute to restoring the economy. Given that MSMEs contribute more than 60% of Indonesia’s GDP.

“It is time for us to uphold the pride made in Indonesia, a habit that can encourage MSMEs to become dominant in their own country, in order to bring a more independent national economy,” concluded Aldhy.


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