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Tokopedia Celebrates 12th Anniversary, Expands Hyperlocal Initiative to Papua

06 September 2021
Tokopedia Celebrates 12th Anniversary, Expands Hyperlocal Initiative to Papua

Papua, 13 August 2021 – Since it was first established nearly 12 years ago on August 17, 2009, Indonesian technology company Tokopedia has consistently supported millions of sellers—of which almost 100% are MSMEs, including from Papua—and created many opportunities through the use of technology.

VP of Corporate Communications Tokopedia, Nuraini Razak, explained, “With the Hyperlocal initiative that we introduced in the middle of last year, we hope that everyone, including the people of Papua, can easily find various everyday products and create new business opportunities even amid the pandemic.”

The initiative has sparked an increase in transactions made through Tokopedia during Q2 2021. In Papua, for example, categories such as Household, Mom & Kids and Kidswear, Electronics, Automotive, and Mobile Phones and Gadgets experienced the most significant increase in transactions compared to Q2 2020.

Meanwhile, the best-selling digital product categories in Papua include Travel, Government and Tax Services, Food and Entertainment, Finance, and Tokopedia Salam.

Papua was identified as one of the five regions that experienced the most significant increase in the number of buyers during Q2 2021, a list which also includes Makassar, Malang, Semarang, and Palembang.

Hyperlocal Initiative to Accelerate Local MSME Digitalization in East Indonesia

With the support of the central and local governments of Indonesia, Tokopedia also founded the Market Digitization initiative to accelerate the adoption of digital platforms for traditional market traders throughout Indonesia. “Currently, the initiative has expanded to Semarang, Bandung, Surabaya, Malang, and Makassar and will continue to reach other regions, including Papua,” added Nuraini.

Tokopedia has also been pushing to provide online business education in the form of free webinars for new businesses in Papua, such as through the Seller Express School and Seller Education Center.

Marice, owner of Belanja Termurah has felt the benefits of selling her wares through Tokopedia. During Q2 2021, her online shop has seen its transaction numbers tripled compared to Q1 of the same year. Through Tokopedia, she can reach all of Indonesia—even far-off regions such as Aceh.

There is also Patria Ismalinda, a shop owner in Papua who sells various digital products from Mitra Tokopedia, ranging from phone credits, data packages, to game vouchers. The turnover of Patria’s stall has almost doubled in less than half a year.

Hyperlocal Initiative: Helping People Fulfill Their Needs at an Affordable Price

Tokopedia’s collaboration with various strategic partners has made it easier than ever for the people of Indonesia to meet their everyday needs at an affordable price. For example, to solve the logistical challenges of an archipelagic country, Tokopedia and its partners created TokoCabang, a smart warehouse service to facilitate people living in various Indonesian regions, including Papua, in obtaining desired products from sellers that are located nearer to where they live, reducing the items’ shipping costs as a result.

Not only that, Waktu Indonesia Belanja (WIB), a monthly shopping festival regularly held by Tokopedia from the 25th to the end of each month, is always available for Papuan residents who wish to efficiently shop for products with plenty of attractive offers such as free shipping and cashback.

“Tokopedia has also collaborated with the Ministry of Finance and various local governments to assist the people of Indonesia in fulfilling their tax obligations—ranging from the land and building tax (PBB), E-Samsat, to more than 900 various tax types—using their smartphones. Soon, this service will be available in Papua,” concluded Nuraini.


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