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Tokopedia Celebrates Kartini Day, Encourages Equal Opportunities for Employees and MSMEs

20 June 2022
Tokopedia Celebrates Kartini Day, Encourages Equal Opportunities for Employees and MSMEs

Indonesia, April 21, 2022 – As we celebrate Kartini Day on April 21, 2022, Tokopedia continues to prioritize inclusivity to give the community an equal opportunity to achieve more, as well as contribute to the country's economic recovery.

"Anyone with digital talent – be it women, men, the elderly, or people with disabilities – will have the same opportunity to work for Indonesia through Tokopedia. More than 6,000 Nakama (Tokopedia employees) from a wide range of backgrounds have now joined our company," said Puput Hidayat, Tokopedia’s VP of Seller Experience.

The Tokopedia Care building was also carefully designed to be very disability-friendly. It has a dedicated walkway, vertical platform lifts, handrails, restrooms, and prayer rooms for the disabled.

The Tokopedia office also provides special facilities to support working mothers, such as nursing rooms and playrooms for children. The company also offers maternity and paternity leaves for female and male employees, allowing them to fulfill their parental responsibilities at home.

“Tokopedia is now focused on implementing its Hyperlocal initiative, which utilizes geotagging technology to bring buyers and nearby sellers closer together. With this, we hope that local MSMEs across Indonesia can have an equal opportunity to grow," Puput said.

According to the company’s internal data, the number of women MSME owners on Tokopedia has increased 2.5 times in 2021 compared to 2020. Pekanbaru, Palembang, Pekalongan, Denpasar, and Balikpapan are the cities with the highest increase in the number of MSMEs that are owned by women in 2021. Dekayu and Diet Special Needs are examples of successful women-owned MSMEs on Tokopedia that embody the spirit of Kartini.

Dekayu, Empowering Housewives to Breathe New Life to the Woodworking Industry

Through her company Dekayu in Yogyakarta, Yaniar Fernanda – more affectionately known as Nia – empowers housewives who are also woodworkers in Gemawang hamlet, Putat village, Gunungkidul district. They produce various kitchenware and home décor items from teak wood and other natural fibers.

"Our sales through Tokopedia jumped more than fourfold during Ramadan 2021. To maximize our sales this year, we have prepared our product stock and participated in various Tokopedia programs such as Home Living SALEbrations and Parsel Ramadan," explained Nia.

Diet Special Needs, Giving Special Needs Children Equal Opportunity and Access to Food

Raising a child with special needs of her own, Difansa Rachmani founded Diet Special Needs because she saw how to give others with the same condition equal access to food that fits their needs.

“Diet Special Needs food uses ingredients that are processed without flour, sugar, milk and its derivatives, seafood, and other allergens. This makes it safe to be consumed by children with special needs as well as people with diabetes, hypertension, autoimmune diseases, gastrointestinal disorders, cancer, Alzheimer's, sensitive skin, and other allergies,” she revealed. Difa also appreciated the benefits of joining Tokopedia, because the sales of Diet Special Needs have increased tenfold thanks to TopAds, the platform’s advertising feature.


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