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Tokopedia Launches ‘Dipromosikan Affiliate’ Feature, Making It Easier for Users to Earn Additional Income

13 September 2023


Tokopedia Launches ‘Dipromosikan Affiliate’ Feature, Making It Easier for Users to Earn Additional Income

Jakarta, 5 September 2023 - In the era of social commerce, people tend to look for inspiration while shopping or vice versa. This era is an opportunity for entrepreneurs in Indonesia, particularly MSMEs, to provide a more interactive and relevant shopping experience for consumers. This is the background for Tokopedia when it launched the Tokopedia Affiliate initiative in early 2022.

“Tokopedia Affiliate enables anyone to become an influencer and earn additional income by promoting products or shops on Tokopedia through affiliate links that can be shared on social media. On the other hand, Tokopedia Affiliate brings added value to local seller’s marketing strategies to make it more engaging and interactive for the general public," said Nirmala Hapsari, Associate Vice President of Content Marketing Platform Tokopedia.

Tokopedia Affiliate users (called Affiliates) can earn commissions of up to 10% for every product successfully sold from their special affiliate link. In addition, Affiliates are also given an additional IDR 10 commission for every validated page visit to products or stores that they promote.

“Anyone with an active social media presence, with no minimum number of followers, can register as an Affiliate. "The Tokopedia Affiliate initiative aligns with GoTo's Three Zeroes ESG commitments, Zero Barriers, which aims to help people create opportunities without barriers through the GoTo ecosystem, including Tokopedia," explained Nirmala.

The launch of Tokopedia Affiliate was welcomed positively by the public. This is proven by the number of Affiliates, which has increased almost 16 times by June 2023, compared to the end of the first month when Tokopedia Affiliate was launched.

Sellers can maximize their sales by offering additional commissions through Tokopedia Affiliate

In addition to providing additional income opportunities, Tokopedia, through the Tokpedia Affiliate initiative, aims to support the growth and development of local sellers in Indonesia, particularly MSMEs.

"To maximize the impact of Tokopedia Affiliate for the community, including MSMEs, we launched the Dipromosikan Affiliate feature. This feature enables sellers who meet the criteria to offer Affiliates up to 20% additional commission. This allows affiliates to earn more additional income, while helping to maximize the business’ sales," said Nirmala.

This feature contributes positively to the entrepreneur’s business. In the second quarter of 2023, sellers who use the Dipromosikan Affiliate feature on Tokopedia experienced an average increase of almost four times in product page visits compared to sellers who have not used this feature.

Tokopedia's efforts to help people hone their skills as influencers

As an inclusive technology company from Indonesia, Tokopedia offers various initiatives to help individuals develop their skills and become commissioned influencers. One such program is the Akademi Creator Tokopedia, which caters to Affiliates as a community that provides free access to educational materials. These materials can help content creators hone their skills, including creating video scripts, crafting content that appeals to a broad audience, and more.

In addition, Tokopedia regularly holds the annual GEMBIRA: Brands and Creators Day festival as a forum for Affiliates to network with fellow content creators and brands, gain insight through educational talk shows, and participate in various activities and exclusive products.

“Through GEMBIRA, Tokopedia aims to support Affiliates to continue developing their potential as content creators. Hopefully, this event can also support collaboration between Affiliates and local business owners in Indonesia," said Nirmala.

Amelia was able to overcome her lay off with the help of Tokopedia Affiliate

Amid the last pandemic, Amelia Harmelianti was one of the employees affected by layoffs and lost her primary source of income. "Even though I don't have the skills to be a content creator, I try to use Tokopedia Affiliate to earn income to survive the pandemic," said Amelia.

To hone her content creation skills, Amelia joined the Tokopedia Creator Academy. Through this academy, Amelia gained content-creating knowledge that she can utilize and enable her to earn monthly commissions of millions of rupiah.

Through Tokopedia Affiliate, Amelia can also build relationships and share insights with other content creators, inspiring her to continue her career as a content creator. Currently, Amelia has tens of thousands of followers on social media. She regularly shares content about mental health education as well as relevant product recommendations that can be found on Tokopedia.

Suartha relies on Tokopedia Affiliate amidst the job hunting challenge

I Gede Suartha Eriyasa also experienced the same benefits after using Tokopedia Affiliate. This young man from Bali admitted that the commission he received from Tokopedia Affiliate was his primary source of income when he had yet to find a permanent job.

Even after getting a laptop and computer repair job, Suartha still relied on the millions of rupiah in commission he received from Tokopedia Affiliate as additional business capital and emergency funds.

Suartha shares his tips for success in becoming an Affiliate or commissioned content creator via Tokopedia Affiliate, "Identify the category you want to talk about. I chose electronics, ranging from laptops to mobile phones because this is a field that I am good at. After that, identify the target audience and create relevant content," said Suartha.


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