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Tokopedia Nyam Help Increase Bandung’s F&B MSME Turnover Up to 70%

14 October 2021
Tokopedia Nyam Help Increase Bandung’s F&B MSME Turnover Up to 70%

Bandung, 14 September 2021 – Tokopedia continues to intensify hyperlocal initiatives to make it easier for people to find various products they need from the nearest seller to create opportunities from various regions.

One form of this initiative is collaboration with Bandung MSMEs in the food and beverage category through the Tokopedia Nyam Bandung campaign.

Tokopedia’s Head of Category Development, Pranidhana Mahardhika, said, “The presence of Tokopedia Nyam has driven a drastic increase in transactions in the food and beverage category, especially in the midst of a pandemic. Honey, batagor kuah, banana bolen and typical Bandung snacks such as seblak are some of the most sought after products at Tokopedia Nyam Bandung.”

Kylafood and Dendeng Kukuruyuk are examples of Bandung SMEs in the Tokopedia food and beverage category, which continue to adapt in the midst of the pandemic through the use of technology, one of which is by joining the Tokopedia Nyam Bandung campaign.

Dendeng Kukuruyuk, Brings International Flavors to Local Markets

Starting from the desire to prove the deliciousness of the beef jerky made by her mother, which is different from other jerky in general, Novi, the Business Owner of Dendeng Kukuruyuk made the family’s beef jerky recipe a business opportunity that can be enjoyed by all people.

“Our products are inspired by Singaporean beef jerky, which is mostly non-halal, but our beef jerky is specially made with halal ingredients to suit the traditions, tastes and needs of the Indonesian people. We use real chicken meat as the main ingredient and can be consumed directly without cooking it first,” explained Novi.

Novi started Dendeng Kukuruyuk’s business by participating in bazaars in a number of places and joining Tokopedia in 2019. But since PPKM, Dendeng Kukuruyuk’s turnover has decreased dramatically so Novi decided to join the Tokopedia Nyam campaign.

“During the pandemic, 60% of our sales came from Tokopedia. After two months of participating in the Tokopedia Nyam campaign, people from Aceh to Papua can easily find Dendeng Kukuruyuk products. This campaign helps our turnover increase,” said Novi.

Kylafood Traditional Snack Entrepreneur Adds Employees Amid Pandemic

Starting from only two variants of typical West Java snacks, now Kylafood has more than 40 variants of traditional snacks typical of various regions that are often sought after by the public.

Galih Ruslan, Business Owner of Kylafood, said that his two favorite best-selling products were original seblak and batagor gravy, “At the beginning of the pandemic, our products sold well. Turnover increased by 40% compared to the previous year.”

The surge in transactions made Galih have to add employees. He works closely with the local RW head to recruit permanent and part-time employees. Galih has also established himself to continue to develop his business through online channels.

“To remain relevant to the times, especially in the midst of a pandemic, the use of digital platforms such as Tokopedia has now become a necessity for MSME activists who want to maintain their business,” explained Galih. He also admitted, “Thanks to the Tokopedia Nyam campaign our turnover has increased by 70%.”


Amalia RizqytaAmalia Rizqyta

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