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Tokopedia’s ‘Hyperlocal’ Initiative Impact, Palembang MSMEs Earn Hundreds of Millions

08 July 2021
Tokopedia’s ‘Hyperlocal’ Initiative Impact, Palembang MSMEs Earn Hundreds of Millions

Indonesia, 11 June 2021 – Tokopedia’s ‘Hyperlocal’ initiative has been bringing positive impacts to local business activists in Indonesia. Pempek Cek Dung and Pabrik Kerupuk Palembang are examples of authentic Palembang online culinary sellers who have experienced a surge in profits thanks to this initiative.

Head of Regional Growth Expansion (RGX) Tokopedia, Trian Nugroho, said, “Tokopedia’s hyperlocal initiative aims to encourage people to shop from the nearest seller while encouraging more sellers in Indonesia, especially local MSMEs, to drive the regional economy through the use of technology.”

Starting with Modest Kitchen Tools, Pempek Cek Dung Now Earns Tens of Millions of Turnover

Devi Indriyani started her Pempek Cek Dung business in 2014 using only makeshift kitchen utensils. It offers a variety of quality pempek variants made from cork fish. Since the beginning of the pandemic, Devi has innovated by starting to rely on digital platforms such as Tokopedia to market products.

“Every month, nearly 400 packages are sold through Tokopedia. With the increase in sales during this pandemic, we are grateful to be able to add three special employees to handle packaging, so that our turnover can reach around Rp40 million at Tokopedia every month,” said Devi.

Through Tokopedia, Devi feels that her business has been greatly helped in terms of marketing to a wider area, such as Jabodetabek, Pontianak to Bali. In addition, Tokopedia helps Devi see market trends to innovate, one of which is by making other variants of pempek, such as pempek prawn, pempek vegan, pempek without MSG, pempek mozzarella to pempek mercon.

“Digital channels like Tokopedia have had a tremendous impact on our business. We hope that other local sellers can continue to create opportunities and play a role in preserving the archipelago’s culinary arts through Tokopedia,” concluded Devi.

Pabrik Kerupuk Palembang, Empowers Cracker Makers and Fishermen, Turnover Rp100 Million

The difficulty of finding work in the midst of a pandemic has pushed Ayub Antonius to create opportunities through the use of technology. With a capital of only Rp. 200,000, he opened a shop at Tokopedia ‘Pabrik Kerupuk Palembang’ in March 2020 to sell almost all types of Palembang crackers.

Through this effort, Ayub helps home-made cracker producers in remote areas gain access to more buyers through the use of technology. “There are so many small sellers in Palembang that produce crackers. Some live on trails and even forests,” he said.

By cooperating with these cracker producers, Job indirectly also empowers local fishermen. “These producers take fresh ingredients for making crackers, such as fish and squid, from fishermen in Bangka Belitung,” said Ayub.

Ayub also carried out various strategies to increase sales, “Starting from launching more variants of crackers, making promos to actively participating in campaigns on Tokopedia, such as Waktu Indonesia Belanja (WIB) Palembang and Tokopedia Nyam.”

Now Ayub is able to earn a monthly turnover of up to Rp100 million. Furthermore, the products produced by home-made crackers producers who collaborated with Ayub can also be enjoyed by buyers from various regions in Indonesia, including Jakarta, Bali, Kupang and even Papua.


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