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Welcoming World Chocolate Day, Check Out the Chocolate Sales Trend at Tokopedia that Almost Tripled

21 December 2021
Welcoming World Chocolate Day, Check Out the Chocolate Sales Trend at Tokopedia that Almost Tripled

Indonesia, 6 July 2021 - Chocolate is one of the most popular snacks. “The number of chocolate product transactions at Tokopedia has almost tripled in 2020 compared to the previous year,” said External Communications Senior Lead Tokopedia, Ekhel Chandra Wijaya.

“Sales of chocolate in Manado, Gianyar and Magetan experienced the most significant increase during 2020 compared to the previous year,” added Ekhel.

Fudgybro dan Chocodot Indonesia are examples of local MSMEs that sell processed chocolate products and have also experienced increased sales on Tokopedia.

Chocodot Indonesia, Produces Chocolate Innovation Filled with Indonesian Dodol and Spices

Kiki Gumelar, originally from Garut, initially moved to Yogyakarta to work as a distributor of raw materials for chocolate. Her mother one day sent dodol, a souvenir typical of Kiki’s hometown. The idea of ​​making dodol-filled chocolate has been around since then.

“Then, I decided to return to Garut and start the Chocodot business in 2009. To make it unique and acceptable to various markets, we including light hearted names and quotes on the packaging such as Cokelat Enteng Jodoh, Cokelat Anti Galau, Cokelat Makin Cinta and so on,” mused Kiki.

“Not only dodol fillings, we continued to innovate by adding filling the chocolate with other variants, such as fruit cream, coffee beans, dates, spices, tea and herbs. This was achieved through collaboration with a number of local cocoa farmers and cocoa processors,” explained Kiki.

In order to maintain business in the midst of the pandemic, Chocodot utilizes digital platforms such as Tokopedia. “Through Tokopedia, our products can now be enjoyed by a wider range of customers, even in Bulukumba,” said Kiki.

Fudgybro, Proof that Self-taught Learning Can Generate Tens of Millions Turnover

Rayendra Abiyasa Pramuraharjo has always wanted to have a culinary business since college. With self-taught learning from the internet, he finally made his own brownies brand, Fudgybro, and started marketing them in November 2018 through Tokopedia.

“In March 2020 at the beginning of the pandemic, Fudgybro’s transactions increased by 4 times compared to the period before the pandemic. Even during Ramadan 2021, Fudgybro can receive orders for up to hundreds of pans every day, an increase of 3 times from the previous month,” explained Rayendra.

The pandemic has also prompted Rayendra to introduce various new variants, including Softbro Jar Size which is a mixture of brownie pieces and vanilla ice cream, cookies to chocolate drinks.

“Through Tokopedia, our monthly turnover reaches tens of millions. Even through technology, Fudgybro products can reach Medan, Bali to Makassar,” concluded Rayendra.



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