Background of the Authorized Seller Program

Product takedown is only one of our methods to combat IP infringement. We are aware that sellers sometimes sell counterfeit products simply because they are lacking information of the product source and original product acquisition method.

Therefore, we've come up with the idea of combating and reducing the number of counterfeit products and enhancing your market coverage through the Authorized Seller Program (part of the Brand Alliance Program), which Tokopedia will encourage Sellers to become authorized resellers of your brand.

Authorized Seller Program (ASP)

Authorized Seller Program is a reach out program provided for IP Holder to develop their authorized seller network in Tokopedia platform.

This program provides Tokopedia customers with more merchants that sell legitimate products and create a safer marketplace ecosystem.

This program is formed as an offering message (to seller) of Authorized Seller Program, containing a PIC info of the IP Holder.

Authorized Seller Program Flow


Two simple ways of Authorized Seller Program

This program takes the form of an offering message (to the seller whose product is reported) to become an authorized seller, containing an active email and PIC name of the brand owner's side. By joining this program, brand owners are required to provide contact person (active email and PIC name) to be potentially contacted by sellers who want to join/ask about this program.

This program is formed in two ways which are divided based on its distribution policy, namely:

1. Mitra Tokopedia Bisnis (Tokopedia Business Partner)

The product distribution will be run on Mitra Tokopedia App and brands will be assisted by Tokopedia's Relationship Manager.

About Mitra Tokopedia Bisnis

Mitra Tokopedia Bisnis aims to meet your call for B2B transaction channel, directing the supply of various assortments to a network of demand with extensive user benefits.

Build and establish your opt-in partner/reseller program to empower your retail network with Mitra Tokopedia Bisnis.

We aspire to conserve your excellence in driving awareness and market your product in ways that reflect positively on your brand through our ASP program.

Benefit of Mitra Tokopedia Bisnis

  1. Promote sales and merchandising of your original goods to broad community of buyers in Mitra Tokopedia Bisnis.
  2. Establish qualified care and guidance over brand distribution channel.
  3. Utilize multiple payment and financing facilities to stimulate demand growth.
  4. Experience inclusive store management features to elevate operational efficiency to fulfill bulk and large-value transaction.

2. Own Distribution Channel

The product distribution can be made outside Tokopedia environments, depending on each brand owner policy.

Requirements for Authorized Seller Program

By joining Authorized Seller Program, brand owners are required to:
Provide an active email and PIC name to be potentially contacted by sellers who want to join/ask about this program.
Committed to reply/response to emails from Sellers who want to join/ask about this program.
If you choose to join Mitra Tokopedia Bisnis, you need also prepare other requirements that will be explained further by our internal team after you register.