What is Intellectual Property (IP)?

Intellectual Property (IP) protected products are products that are registered and recognized as IP in accordance with applicable legal provisions. There are 2 types of IP that can be reported on Tokopedia’s site:



Protection of words, symbols, logos, designs, or combinations of these elements that have been registered in Indonesia



Protection of original works

Tokopedia will take firm actions on products that are reported to have conducted IP violations, with sanctions in the form of product deletion to shop suspension

Types of IP Infringement

Trademark Infringement
Copyright Infringement

Infringement of the use of name, description and image of products based on the owner's trademark report. Trademark infringement can also be in the form of counterfeiting or imitation of the trademark owner's product.


Unauthorized use of trademarks in product title

Inclusion of other brands in the product title. For example, a competitor brand.

What happens if a product is found to violate IP?


Product will be taken down

The product will be taken down from the shop page and the seller will be notified.

similar product

Similar products potentially could not be sold by the shop

Shop may not be able to sell the similar products to the previously reported one and the seller will be notified.


Shop will be suspended

The shop will potentially be suspended if there have been repeated violation reports by brand owners. The seller will also be notified.

What can you do if your products are reported to violate IP?


Check your Email / Notification Center

Information contained in email / notification center:

  1. Type of violation.
  2. Product link has been taken down.
  3. Reporter contact information.


Appeal The Report

Make sure you have:

  1. Permission / license or appointment from the IP holder.
  2. Your own IP certificate.
  3. Other evidence confirming your right, to be submitted to the reporter.


Contact The Reporter

Contact the reporter by phone / email that you got the information from received email / notification center. We recommend you to use English if the reporter is from abroad.


A. Appeal Accepted

If the reporter approves to the appeal, the reporter will contact Tokopedia to reactivate the product.

B. No Response from Reporter

Make sure you have tried to contact the reporter at least 3 times and have waited 14 working days after the product is taken down. If the reporter did not respond, you can contact Tokopedia Care and attach proof (screenshot) of your email to the reporter.

C. Appeal Rejected

If the reporter rejects the appeal, the product can not be reactivated.


Check all your products

Make sure that you do not re-upload the reported product or any similar ones.

How can you protect your products from being reported in IP violations?


Make sure your product is not violating IP rights in the title, description and image.

Tokopedia recommends all sellers not to use images or descriptions from other brands without authorization, and not using names of other brands on the title of your products.


Do not re-upload the same or similar products with products that have been reported.

If the product was previously reported, you may no longer upload the same or similar products to avoid your product from being re-reported by IP Holder.


Sell original products

If you are selling an orginal product, make sure you know the source of the purchase from your supplier.


Get permission / license or appointment from the IP holder

If you are using content or products from other brands, make sure you have permission / license or appointment from the IP holder.

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