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Tips for Running a Great Live Shopping Session on Tokopedia PLAY, MSMEs Must Read!

15 August 2023


Tips for Running a Great Live Shopping Session on Tokopedia PLAY, MSMEs Must Read!

Sellers saw an average increase in transactions of more than 60 times after running a live shopping on Tokopedia PLAY. Take a peek at the live shopping trends on Tokopedia PLAY in the first half of 2023!

Indonesia, 2 August 2023 - In the social commerce era, people tend to look for inspiration through social media while shopping or vice versa. The social commerce era also ushers new opportunities for local businesses to enable their customers to interact with, be entertained by, and experience their brands, one of which is through live shopping.

"Tokopedia has made various innovations that suit the public’s needs in the social commerce era, one of which is the Tokopedia PLAY live streaming channel, which has been around since 2018," said Associate Vice President of Content Marketing Platform Tokopedia, Nirmala Hapsari.

Average seller transactions using Tokopedia PLAY increased by >7 times; several seller transactions even increased >60 times

"Tokopedia PLAY adds value to sellers' digital marketing strategies, from providing promotional opportunities and building awareness to increasing store engagement. Sellers can also collaborate with content creators to attract more potential buyers," explained Nirmala.

"Food and beverage, fashion, beauty and body care, health, and household products are some of the best-selling products on Tokopedia PLAY during the first semester of 2023. We hope that this information can be a consideration for entrepreneurs who are looking to sell their products online through live shopping on Tokopedia PLAY,” said Nirmala.

"Tokopedia PLAY also plays a role in the business growth of entrepreneurs in Indonesia. During the first semester of 2023, the average number of seller transactions after using Tokopedia PLAY as a whole increased more than seven times compared to the first semester of 2022. This increase in the number of transactions represents the average throughout the first semester of 2023, regardless of whether there is a high season. This means that the number of seller transactions using Tokopedia PLAY has consistently increased very high throughout the period," added Nirmala.

Several sellers even experienced an average increase in transactions of more than 60 times during the first semester of 2023 after using Tokopedia PLAY compared to the first semester of 2022. Tokopedia recorded that Medan, Bandung, Semarang, Surabaya, and Sidoarjo were some of the areas with the highest number of Tokopedia PLAY viewers during semester I 2023.

Online selling tips through live on Tokopedia PLAY

Tokopedia, through Nirmala, shared five tips so that entrepreneurs in Indonesia, including local MSMEs, can boost online sales through live shopping on Tokopedia PLAY.

1. Prepare adequate tools and a special place for live shopping

To make live shopping look more professional, sellers can prepare streaming equipment such as cellphones, tripods and clip-on microphones. Use a plain, clean background and bright lighting to make the seller's face and product visible. If necessary, sellers can use a ring light to improve image quality.

"Tokopedia provides various types of equipment that can support live shopping activities through the Tokopedia Tekno campaign. The public can also enjoy up to 90% discounts to make it more efficient," explained Nirmala.

2. Build a more interactive experience with potential buyers

One of the advantages of live shopping is the ability to create a more interactive communication experience with potential buyers. Sellers are encouraged to actively communicate by responding to any questions or comments from potential buyers.

“Make sure that the content and discussion topics are aligned with the product category being sold. For example, for fashion products, the audience wants to know about the quality and appearance of the product. Sellers can create content with try-on or mix-and-match clothing to increase interaction with potential buyers. There are many other tips and tricks on creating interesting and interactive content on Pusat Edukasi Seller," said Nirmala.

3. Make special offers that are only valid during live shopping

Sellers are recommended to offer exclusive discounts or giveaways during live shopping to attract potential buyers.

"Some of the most watched live streaming broadcasts by the public through Tokopedia PLAY throughout the first half of 2023 include gadget giveaways, live calls with influencers, and broadcasts with discounts for various types of products. Entrepreneurs can consider content like this to make live shopping successful," said Nirmala.

4. Schedule live shopping regularly and promote it on social media

To build audience loyalty and increase brand awareness, sellers must schedule live shopping regularly. "Generally, live shopping should be done 1-2 times a week so that the product or shop leaves a lasting impression on buyers," explained Nirmala.

After setting the schedule, sellers can promote these live streamed shows through social media channels to the Tokopedia Feed. Create attractive content titles and cover banners so potential buyers are interested in watching the shows and buying products.

5. Evaluate live shopping performance

Remember to do an evaluation after the live shopping session ends so that the next live shopping performance can be even more optimal. "Through the Video Insights feature, which can be accessed via the Tokopedia Seller application, sellers can look into live shopping video performance data, including the number of viewers, products viewed, products added to cart, products sold and estimated revenue," explained Nirmala.

"By making the most out of Tokopedia PLAY video streaming channel, we hope local businesses can reach a wider market and remain relevant to Indonesian people’s needs in the social commerce era," concluded Nirmala.


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