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Tokopedia: Five Meaningful Activities to Welcome Ramadan

10 May 2022
Tokopedia: Five Meaningful Activities to Welcome Ramadan

Jakarta, March 30, 2022 - Tokopedia through Senior Vice President of Corporate Affairs Tokopedia, Nuraini Razak shares five meaningful activities that people can do to welcome Ramadan.

  1. Take Care of Your Health - Always fulfill your nutrition needs, especially during suhoor and breakfasting. Prepare a plate of food with balanced nutrition. Furthermore, daily exercise can significantly improve your health.
  2. Share Kindness - One of the ways to share kindness with others is through the donation feature in Kotak Amal Tokopedia. Partnered with trusted institutions, your donation will go to breakfasting menu, Ied Fitr hampers, and Ied Fitr allowance for those in need.
    “During the checkout process in Tokopedia, people can donate by checking the 'Donasi Rp5.000' box. Moreover, some small SMEs donate some amount of their income to those in need. Potential buyers can support these small SMEs by shopping at their online stores in Tokopedia.
    There are some other features that aim to share kindness with others, such as Donation, Zakat Fitrah, Wakaf, Fidyah, and Zakat Maal.
  3. Prepare your Groceries - “Through Tokopedia NOW! everyone can get their daily essential products including groceries, meat, vegetables, fruits dan many more - it will be delivered to the customer’s front door within two hours after the transaction is completed. This will make meal preparation for suhoor and breakfasting easier and more practical,” said Nuraini.
  4. Optimize the Prayer Corner - Prepare a space at your home as a designated place to perform religious rituals. This can make performing religious activities with family during Ramadan more convenient. “People can buy prayer mats or even new carpets for their home’s prayer room on Tokopedia”, added Nuraini.
    Take advantage of various campaigns on Tokopedia to make shopping during Ramadan more efficient. For example, Sambut Bulan Puasa campaign, a campaign that offers discounts or cashback.
  5. Start Your Own Business - Ideas to create Ramadan hampers can be a business opportunity, before Ramadan 2022, the number of hampers transactions on Tokopedia saw an increase by twofold compared to 2021.

#SIAPRAMADAN2022 learning materials can be accessed at the Tokopedia Seller Education Center. The learning materials provide business-related information and webinar on creating business opportunities in the blessed month of Ramadan”, revealed Nuraini.


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